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About Heath Woodard 

Having been born in Swain county 42 years ago, the value of Western North Carolina has never been lost on Heath. When the crash of 2008 brought an end to Heath’s construction business, he was faced with the prospect of leaving the area for work in order to provide for his young family. A choice that never seemed like one he could make. Thankfully, with help from his father, Heath was able to complete Basic Law Enforcement Training, and an entry level position with Murphy PD gave him his chance to stay in the place that had become a part of him. He never thought that such circumstances would bring him to realizing a boyhood dream of working in law enforcement, but here he was, opportunity in hand. Like many of us would have, Heath set himself to the task of earning the chance he had been given. That motivation led him to strive after every shred of training he could get, all in hopes of honing his craft. To protect and serve comes from the heart, but education hones the instrument, making it suited to its task. The alphabet soup of certifications could be listed, and you can find them elsewhere on this page, but suffice to say 2000 hours of continued education later, Heath was getting dialed in to serve the community in dynamic ways. The effort paid off as Heath soon found himself being promoted to positions of higher authority and responsibility. His current position as the head of the Criminal Investigation Division at the Clay County Sheriff’s office has uniquely prepared him for the future, as his primary investigative focus has been on drug enforcement. The problem area that needs the most attention and help in our county moving forward. In Heath, voters have a choice that represents a more leading-edge approach. Business as usual won’t suffice as violent crime and drug related offenses have continued to increase in Cherokee county. That’s why Heath is running for Sheriff. When you’re down, all you need is a chance. Heath got one, it’s Cherokee County’s turn. 

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